Here at West Coast Auto Airconditioning we can detect even the smallest of leaks with over 100 years of experience between the team. We use multiple methods to detect leaks to make sure your airconditioning system is working throughout the summer.

Most vehicle’s airconditioning systems now days are designed for R134A by vehicle manufactures and has great heat transfer properties which works great for aiconditioning. For this reason we only use R134A. R134A is a non flammable , Non toxic gas and performs well in airconditioning systems keeping you freezing during the hot summer months. 

Unfortunately some car air conditioning repairers use highly flammable hydrocarbon’s which can cause an explosion, causing injury or even death as seen in the video bellow.

Protecting the Ozone

Protecting the Ozone and the Environment: 

At West Coast Auto Airconditioning we are committed to protecting the environment. R134a (the refrigerant we use) is non flammable, nor poisonous, is harmful to the earth ozone layer as it is a Synthetic Greenhouse Gas (SGG) – these types of gasses are responsible for global warming. As the sun heats the Earth, it emits heat in the form of infra-red radiation. Some of this heat is trapped in the atmosphere, the rest escapes into space. The greenhouse gasses make the atmosphere trap more of this radiation causing the temperature to become higher than it should be.

In Australia, there are now stringent guidelines and controls for the use of the SGG’s. For example, it is no longer legal to “Top Up” an A/C system (by just adding a bit more gas to make the airconditioning system working better) or to gas up a system that has a known leak. It is also illegal to purposefully let R12 or R134a escape into the atmosphere and large fines can be imposed upon either businesses, employees or private individuals for doing so.

We are fully licenced and accredited through ARC (Australian Refrigerant Council) ARC #AU28073

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