Auto Airconditioning & Heating

Our Auto Airconditioning technicians provide a full range of services to our clients and will ensure optimal care and up keeping of your car air conditioning system.

Airconditioning Regas

Our Car Air conditioning services include:

  • Airconditioning re-gas
  • Service, repairs and parts
  • Pressure testing and leak testing
  • Degas
  • Compressors – supply and fit
  • Climate control dash specialist
  • Fan speed repair
  • Aluminium pipe repairs
  • New installations


We are efficient in dealing with all matters related to vehicle air conditioners and can provide the following components when it comes to repair and maintenance:

TX Valve
TX Valves
  • Compressors
  • Condensers
  • Evaporators
  • Fans
  • Cabin air filter
  • Receiver filter driers
  • Hose assemblies
  • TX valves
  • Thermostats
  • And much more

Makes and models

At West Coast Auto Airconditioning we service all makes and models of vehicles including 4WDs, cars and Utes.



At West Coast Auto Airconditioning we are committed to protecting the environment.

R134a refrigerant is not harmful to the earth ozone layer, flammable, nor poisonous, but it is still a Synthetic Greenhouse Gas (SGG) – these types of gasses are responsible for global warming. As the sun heats the Earth, it emits heat in the form of infra-red radiation. Some of this heat is trapped in the atmosphere, the rest escapes into space. The greenhouse gasses make the atmosphere trap more of this radiation causing the temperature to become higher than it should be.

In Australia, there are now stringent guidelines and controls for the use of the SGG’s. For example, it is no longer legal to “Top Up” an A/C system (by just adding a bit more gas to make the airconditioning system working better) or to gas up a system that has a known leak. It is also illegal to purposefully let R12 or R134a escape into the atmosphere and large fines can be imposed upon either businesses or employees or private individuals for doing so.

Our Standards

As members of VASA we are constantly upgrading our skills and keep up-to-date with the latest in techniques. We regularly upgrade our equipment to keep up with the growing demands of our clients in Mandurah and surrounds and to stay in line with industry changes. We are also accredited with the Australian Refrigeration Council for refrigerant trading purposes.

We are fully licensed through the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) No. AU28073 We offer a wide range air conditioning service, repairs and custom systems for all makes and models of cars.

Our Team

The team at West Coast Auto Airconditioning consists of fully qualified and highly experienced Auto airconditioning technicians and Auto Electricians that have over 65 years combined experience. We provide a service that includes the right advice, high quality products that won’t let you down and fast, efficient results.

We will keep you informed throughout the process so you are kept in the loop to as what needs to happen to get your Air Conditioning up and running again.

We carry out all work with professionalism and a duty of care and will work within your budget to come up with a no sweat solution for all your requirements.

Heating and Air conditioning Controls


The cooling system operates by the using the heat from engine of the vehicle to heat the engine coolant. The heater /demister system and any shortfalls here may see difficulty in the defogging of the windscreen and may make our journey colder than we may like. Running the air conditioner while demisting the windscreen even with the temperature turned up high will help to clear the screen so much quicker than just using just using the heater alone.